Welcome lifelong learners. Restoring the Sacred Elements is My Key Course that will serve to unlock the Path to Abstraction Series.

Have you ever found yourself staring into the white space, asking, “Where Do I Start?”

Have you ever wondered how to navigate your painting past that shaky start and muddied middle to confidently finish with a resounding YES and sign it?

Are you ready to unleash your full artistic potential?

In Restoring The Sacred Elements, the first course in my Path to Abstraction Series, I’m going to help you clarify the abstract creative process, learn how to make sound decisions based on the elements of design, and equip you to create beautifully unified, thoughtfully executed abstract paintings that sing.

In This Course, You’ll Learn How

  • To break down the creative process into bite-size morsels.
  • To embrace and incorporate the often overlooked elements of design into your abstract art to support your lofty vision.
  • To navigate the key creative “decision-making” processes that will unlock the potential in your paintings.
  • To use these elements as foundational tools to help you evaluate, as well as, INTENTIONALLY plan how to build and finish your pieces like a pro.
  • To begin to unleash the limitless potential of these elements by simplifying your pallet, using your favorite color, plus black and white to learn to unify your art and SEE your unique vision culminate in a strong declaration of art.

Through lecture, hands-on demonstrations, and cooperative exercises, you’ll gain an insight into the concepts and design elements that I use with every piece I create or when I’m treading water like we all do. I can’t wait to join you on your journey as you discover your unique voice and unleash your full potential here on the Path to Abstraction. 

The only artistic thing I love as much as making great paintings is making great painters. Are you read

A couple more things about this course:

  • Course Length - 2 hours
  • Course Format - Online Streaming  via computer, tablet, or phone
  • Your Course Access Is Life Time** which is contingent on current technology. 

Having Trouble Purchasing This Course?  

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