Now that you have been exposed to and practiced the why of design, our next adventure here on the Path to Abstraction is called: Mapping YOUR Path. It picks up where Restoring the Sacred Elements leaves off by showing you the WAY of design.

Through lecture, hands-on demonstration, and objective critique techniques you’ll gain valuable insights for how to, practically, apply the concepts and design elements you’re familiar with into a finished painting.

In This Course, You’ll Learn How:

  • To do an art heart check-up on yourself to help you recalibrate your mindset from performance to delighting in the process.
  • To ease into the creative process at your own pace by observing and making friends with your art.
  • To continue to apply the limitless potential of a limited/monochromatic pallet, using your favorite color, plus black and white.
  • To learn how to see and weave the elements of design into your abstract art to clarify and support your personal color and design intention.
  • To navigate the key “problem solving” processes that will unlock your potential and bring your paintings to new heights.
  • To use these elements as powerful critiquing tools to help you evaluate, as well as, INTENTIONALLY plan how to build and finish your pieces YOUR way.

Finally, You’ll Learn How:

  • To powerfully press on and into your increased artistic muscle to reach your destination: A well designed painting on canvas.

It’s my great desire to help unleash your full potential here on the Path to Abstraction.  

Let’s keep that beauty growing and flowing.

A couple more things about this course:

  • Course Length - 2 1/4 hours
  • Course Format - Online Streaming  via computer, tablet, or phone
  • Your Course Access Never Expires

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