Now that you have been exposed to and practiced the why of design, our next adventure here on the Path to Abstraction is a more focused, deep-dive morsal into the Element of Shape.

It picks up where Restoring the Sacred Elements and Mapping Your Path leaves off. It's my new Mini-Course entitled, you guessed it:

Path to Abstraction: Shape UP

In This Course, You’ll Learn How:

  • To chose and truly use shape with “intention’.
  • To deliberately forgo the interruptions of the other elements until you’re ready to wrap up.
  • To lose and find edges, as well as what that even means.
  • To vary size and types of shapes to create interest.
  • To explore organic vs. geometric shapes
  • To take authority and finally decide on which “other” elements YOU may want to use to best support your SHAPE painting.
  • To learn how to see and further understand that YOU get to chose the element of design that best supports your personal “intuition” and use it with INTENTION, to support it.
  • To continue to navigate the key “problem solving” processes that will unleash your potential and bring your paintings to consistently new heights.
  • To use SHAPE as the dominant choice, to start, navigate middle, and plan how to build up to that finished painting that is ready to bare your personal touches and signature.

Finally, You’ll Learn How:

  • You can choose to SHAPE as the dominant element top bring any painting to life.
  • As always, how to STAY THE COURSE, and keep the beauty growing and flowing.

Let's keep loving the world with all our ART!

A couple more things about this course:

Course Length - 1 hour

Course Format - Online Streaming  via computer, tablet, or phone

Your Course Access Never Expires

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